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Sunday, April 27, 2008

From Winifred

Wha-how! The ball! I went to a ball. I never in my whole life thought I would go to a ball. It was big and loud and beautiful. You should have seen the gowns that the girls wore. Soooo gorgeous! I was a little embarrassed by my dress, even though it was the best one I own. But I wasn't out in front of everyone either. I pretty much stayed to the side, and watched Keaton. He finally came over and talked to me. He was so shy. It was cute. Then he asked me to dance. I was hoping that he would, but terrified too. I mean, I don't dance! I didn't take dancing lessons the same time the Princess did. I could tell that Keaton was scared to ask, probably for the same reason, but he did and I had to say yes. So we gave it a try. We kind of stay out in the hallway where we could hear the music, but be out of the way. We didn't dance very well, but it was...amazing. He's so handsome and way more charming than those princes and royal suitors that crowded around the Princess. She's going to have to tell me what happened when she disappeared for a while. She looked pretty upset when she came back. I guess she'll have to tell her own story.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

From the Princess

The ball is tomorrow night! Everyone is so excited. I had new shoes made. The cobbler drew a form of my foot and kept teasing me about Cinderella and making my shoes in glass. Can you imagine a glass shoe! First of all - well, no. It just doesn't deserve consideration. I did, however, get gorgeous shoes! Very sparkly. I know that a lady isn't supposed to be showing off her feet, but if it happened that during a dance my skirt swirled just a little bit, then my very pretty sparkly shoes would be - very sparkly and pretty!

I am watching Keaton and Winifred. They are pretending not to care if the other one is going to the ball or not. I may need to help them out. Must come up with a sneaky way to get them together so they'll have a good time. They don't think I know! Silly things.

And then there's my Father who let slip that Prince Taylon is coming. I remember playing with him when they visited a long time ago. I wonder what he looks like now....Hmmm.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

From Keaton

Hello. Um, I don't feel very good about "blogging". My first time really, but the Princess makes such a big deal about it that I thought I'd give it a try. Even Winifred wrote a post. She's nice. I like her. I was just talking to Raman about her the other day. Raman suggested that I take Winifred to the ball. The ball! Where there's dancing! I thought he was joking at first. Then I thought he was crazy. But he was serious. I mean, me? Dancing? Can you see that? What my brothers wouldn't give to see that. I rather face a troll. But Winifred... Hmm. I have to think about this. Maybe there's a way to go but not dance? Is that fair? I'll ask Raman.

I do like it here at the castle. I mean, I miss my family and all. I got to go home not long ago and visit everyone. You should have seen everyone all excited. It was like the Great King Himself came to visit. I guess no one from the castle ever goes to our village so you can see why they'd be excited. The hard part was explaining that I don't go around sword fighting or anything. The boys were pretty disappointed to hear that. But everyone was interested to know what I mean by being a king's guard. I told them that the Princess wrote a book called The King's Guard and it was all about me. I'm not sure they really believed me. I mean, I can understand. Coming from our little village and all. I told them I would give them copies so they could see for themselves. Still, my father was very proud of me. That made me feel good. It was hard to leave, but I'm glad to be back. There's always a lot going on at the castle. Lots to keep busy with. Whoop! Little ones want me to play so I'd better go. We'll see about that ball...

Monday, March 24, 2008

From Winifred

I thought I sneak in here while the Princess is out. I've never seen a blog before. Looks nice. I don't know why I thought it was going to be kind of swampy. Anyway, things are getting busy around here. There's a big ball coming up. The Princess is having her dress fitted. I don't normally get to go to these, but she said I could go with her - not to dance, I just want to watch. I'm getting my Sunday dress ready. I'm so excited.

I finally met Keaton the other day. I don't know why it's taken so long to meet him. I guess we've always been in opposite places. He's very handsome! I hope he's going to the ball too... Oops! Sounds like Someone is coming. Better get back to work. She'll want her blog back. I'm going to the ball! I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Princess Interviews Keaton

Hi! It's the Princess. I'm here with Keaton for a little interview. Say Hello to our audience Keaton.

Keaton: Hello.

Princess: So, Keaton. People probably want to know who you are in the Land of Wonderful. Do you work in the castle? What do you do?

Keaton: Well, I don't work in the castle! I mean, now I do, but I didn't before. Now I'm a King's Guard.

Princess: Speaking of which, that's the name of the book about you!

Keaton: Yes, you can read my story in the King's Guard. How I came to the castle and all the stuff I learned.

Princess: I wrote it.

Keaton: You did?

Princess: Yes!

Keaton: I thought Diana, er, the Royal Scribe wrote it.

Princess: Well, that's just debating the technicalities of authorship. You probably wouldn't understand.

Keaton: I guess not.

Princess: So, tell us what you've been up to since you became a King's Guard.

Keaton: Well, I just got back from the Lake of the Clouds.

Princess: Oh! Was it about the dragon?

Keaton: Um, no. The Royal Accountant needed to audit the cheese making and asked me to go with him.

Princess: I love Lake of the Clouds cheese. It's from goats.

Keaton: I know. Lots of goats.

Princess: Did you see the dragon?

Keaton: No. Didn't even see him.

Princess: How about trolls?

Keaton: You had to bring that up!

Princess: I'm sorry, but it's in your book. I thought you were becoming a troll expert by now.

Keaton: Well, I used to be pretty embarrassed about it, but I'm better now. And no, we didn't have any trolls on our trip. It was uneventful. Except for eating a lot of cheese.

Princess: I should go up there sometime. It's making me hungry just thinking about it. In fact, I think I'm going to talk to Father right now. Where's Winifred?

Keaton: Um, I...don't...

Princess: Ok, I think we're done here. Say goodbye Keaton. Winifred!!

Keaton: Um, goodbye

Saturday, March 15, 2008

From the Princess

Yea!! I love having a blog! I can't believe I've gone so long without one. The Land of Wonderful can be so behind the times. Well, there's so much going on in the palace nowadays. I don't know if it's always been so busy, or that I'm just a little older now and pay more attention.

For instance, we had a Star Party the other night. It was so fun. The Royal Astronomer brought his telescopic stellar viewing machine out on the big terrace balcony and let everyone look through it to see stars - and planets! Of course, they were teeny, tiny. But, just imagine seeing something so far away. It got a bit chilly so one of the cooks brought out mugs of hot chocolate and we wrapped ourselves in warm blankets. And then the Royal Astronomer showed us the star that he named after me - The Princess Star of Royal Magnificence. I blush to think of it. It was so beautiful. Like a jewel...well, very pretty indeed. And then Brenten, Father's favorite baker, brought out a cake in the shape of a star. It was so pretty and decorated in cloud berries. I confess that I had a very big piece and probably spoiled my appetite for the next two days. I do love cloud berries.

Well, I must run along now. It's time for my afternoon pony ride. It's important to get fresh air and see what's going on in the world outside the castle. I'll let you know more news later on. TTFN.